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  • Wireless Windspeed Meter

    SKU: 0008

    Mobile Crane Wireless Wind Speed and weather forecast system:

    • Wind speed in mph, m/s, kmh, knots, Beaufort

    • Wind chill and dew point temperature (°F/°C)

    • Accurate barometric pressure (in Hg or hPa) with 24 hours' history graph

    • Weather forecast icons based on barometric pressure changing, weather tendency arrow

    • Different weather alarm modes • Records the max/min values with time stamp

    • Water proof level:IPX3 (rain proof)

    • Modified with Powder Coated Pendulum for Mobile crane application

    Battery requirements: Base station (indoor):3 x AA batteries Sensors (outdoor):2 x AA batteries Batteries will last up to 12 months depending on quality

    Replacement parts are available:

    1. Easy to replace Wind Cups

    2. Spare transmitter (includes built-in temperature and humidity sensor)

    3. Powder Coated Pendulum for Mobile crane application


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